Lifehouse Community Church in its current form came to life in September 2016 when three churches (Lifehouse Community Church in Kidlington, Bicester Community Church and Pathways, in Banbury) in North Oxfordshire came together to become one church with many locations.

Bicester Community Church was planted in 1991 by a small group of people from Oxford Community Church. Pathways, Banbury was planted by a small group of people from Bicester Community Church in 2006. Lifehouse Community Church was planted by a small group of people from Oxfordshire Community Church in 2009.

God spoke to the three churches through a prophetic dream. The dream was that “I saw on a map Kidlington, Bicester and Banbury and the three places were then joined together to form a triangle. The triangle then came off the page and turned into a sail. God highlighted that there was a real importance to the connection of the three places, there was a joining together needed. The sail was then added to a boat and the boat places on the Ocean. In the dream it was the most beautiful day the sun was shining and the sky was clear. The wind then blew which was the Holy spirit and filled the sail of the boat. The boat then move with ease over the waves to the East. There was a real sense of momentum and growth that God wanted to bring.”

God has been continuing to speak about us joining together and that we are better together as one to make disciples across the Cherwell District and beyond.